Seasons in the Prayer Garden

My limited visual acuity-total blindness in my left eye and limited peripheral vision, no central vision, in my right eye permits me to see the world much like it appears in an impressionist painting.

In 2008 I was admitted to hospital...where I was informed by my surgeon I had a very rare form of intestinal cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Having just acquired my graduate degree, having several successful bodies of work, surviving AIDS and experiencing AIDS related vision loss I could not fathom one more thing happening to me.

I felt it was necessary to be in and around nature as much as possible. I brought my camera along, photography being my passion. What has developed is an amazing body of work I entitled Seasons in the Prayer Garden. In this series I utilized techniques which enhanced color frequencies embedded in natures’ color field not visible to the human eye. Color theorists postulate color frequencies have a positive effect on human emotions and psyche, which have the ability to activate latent regenerative, healing properties. My solo exhibition at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in spring 2010 garnered me the prestigious Arts Orange County Annual Artist Achievement Award. Through the Prayer Garden work I conflate the concepts of healing through nature & art. I consider the Prayer Garden work a gift; undoubtedly it was a gift of life, healing and continued creativity. I can appreciate the positive aspects nature and art bring to the healing process. The spirit of this new work fosters internal healing, as well as stimulates creative and spiritual resources. Ultimately, my work is about appreciating life and holding life consciously.

Please take a moment to tour my galleries and experience the healing color frequencies generated by these luscious colors.

Warm Regards
Kurt Weston